B2B marketers
Three Key Strategies for B2B marketers to Boost CRM Techniques

It is no secret that acquiring new customers is expensive. However, by concentrating on client retention, marketers may drastically reduce the cost of customer acquisition and set the groundwork for predictable revenue from repeat consumers. In this situation, B2B CRM…

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Relationship Marketing
Why Relationship Marketing is Important in 2022

A common goal for most businesses, especially in the B2B space, is to increase the value of each client. Relationship marketing allows brands to focus on longer-term goals. The way to engage with consumers is through real-time, hyper-personalized experiences. Consumers…

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Data Management
Reimagining Data Management for B2B Marketing

Successful B2B marketing campaigns requires valuable insights into customer data.  CMOs should consider reimaging the data management approach for their organization to achieve desired outcomes. Enterprises globally have successfully shifted to digital and remote environments in recent years.  B2B marketing…

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Customer Trust
Winning Customer Trust with Privacy-Safe Targeting

Regulatory bodies worldwide are evolving their policies to safeguard the buyers’ right to privacy. B2B buyers today are very vigilant about how their data is gathered and how the B2B presales use their information. Enterprises should consider building a trustworthy…

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Marketing and Sales
How Marketing and Sales Leaders Align Their Efforts and Focus On Achieving Key Goals

It is crucial to focus on how marketing and sales can collaborate more effectively in the future and measure performance because the push and pull of these two teams can be pretty blurred, occasionally resulting in friction and stress. The…

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